Tree crown work including crown reduction, thinning and lifting

As professional tree surgeons, Roman River Trees Ltd have the skills and equipment to reduce, thin or lift the crown of a tree.

Tree Crown Reduction

A crown reduction is carried out to reduce the height or spread of a tree by pruning back the leader and branch terminals to lateral branches. By cutting back these tree branches the overall canopy of the tree is reduced in size helping to maintain the form and structural integrity of the tree. Crown reductions are particularly important where trees cause a safety issue, block our light or impose on residential developments and housing generally due to growing too large for the environment they are in.

Tree Crown Thinning

By reducing selected internal branches, it is possible to reduce the density of the tree, reducing stress and the danger of a tree or branch failure from high winds. Crown thinning allows more light and airflow to the tree and is also helpful where branches are conflicting with each other.

Tree Crown Lifting

The removal of lower tree branches to increase the clearance between ground level and crown break is important where roads, pathways, buildings and other public areas are obstructed by the branches in public areas. This may be to allow more light to penetrate, increase visibility for road users or security cameras or simply to facilitate access.

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