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Established 25 years ago, we at Roman River are leading tree surgeons with a vast amount of experience in a broad range of tree surgery services including crown reduction and crown thinning, formative pruning, pollarding, coppicing, tree felling and planting. For complete tree management solutions get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


The main terms used to refer to the various pruning works to a trees canopy can include crown reduction, crown thinning and crown lifting. Here we’ll look into these processes in more detail…

What is tree crown lifting?

Tree crown lifting is usually used in urban areas to make sure that the public and vehicles can pass safely beneath the tree’s canopy. The process involves selected branches and limbs being removed from the lower sections of a tree’s crown increasing the distance between the ground and crown break. This can be used to improve light distribution beneath the crown

What are the benefits of tree crown lifting?

    Keeps branches away from buildings and traffic. Creates a higher tree canopy to walk beneath. Increases light penetration. Provides aesthetic benefits.

What is tree crown thinning?

Tree crown thinning is a process by which select inner branches are removed throughout the crown. This allows more light through the branches without changing its natural shape. Furthermore, this process can remove any duplicate, damaged or dead branches.

What are the benefits of tree crown thinning?

  • Controls the shape of your tree.
  • Increases light penetration.
  • Removes damaged or diseased branches.

What is crown reduction?

Crown reduction focuses on reducing the size of a tree’s overall canopy by shortening the branches evenly throughout the crown. This process should achieve a balanced and natural shape which allows the tree to re-grow from growth points on the branches. Reducing trees is not a process the tree will necessarily benefit from but done properly can be used to reduce the size of a tree in relation to its environment whilst minimising stress and damage to the tree itself.

What are the benefits of tree crown reduction?

  • Can reduce length of limbs susceptible to wind damage
  • Manages tree at a size compatible with its surroundings
  • Can reduce loading on older or fragile trees.

Our most asked questions?

  • Will you need access to my home?

    As long as there is substantial external access around your property that we can use to move our equipment and any branches or leaves through, we won’t need access inside your home.
  • How much does tree crown work cost?

    Many factors may influence the cost of tree crown work including the location, the size of the tree or trees, accessibility and more. We recommend getting in touch for a free no-obligation quote.

What’s the difference between tree crown work and topping?

Often confused with one another, crown reduction and topping have a variety of differences. Tree topping is an older form of pruning where branches are removed regardless of growth points or the impact on the tree. This can result in premature death or failure, creating wounds that can promote decay and disease and place undue stress on the tree. Properly considered reductions carried out by a professional arborist can have considerably less impact on the tree and leave it with a more natural shape and form.

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What other tree surgery services do you offer?


Pollarding keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow by removing the top of a tree at a specific height, this also encourages multi-stem branching.

Tree stump grinding

We can remove problematic tree stumps by grinding down the main stump to below ground level and removing any extensive root systems with specialist equipment.

Tree crown work

The purpose of tree crown work is to maintain the form and structural integrity of the tree by reducing its height or spread by pruning back the leaders and branch terminals.


Coppicing is a proven traditional woodland management method that focuses on stimulating new tree growth by repeatedly cutting it back to near ground level.

Avant hire

We also now offer our Avant 640 and 755i for hire with timber grab, tree shear attachment, log grapple, and materials bucket.

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